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Our Recruiters are trained and equipped to conduct in-depth sourcing, through advanced internet techniques, advanced Boolean searches, industry referrals and contacts. We thoroughly screen all prospective candidates before submitting them to you. This is a people business, and we never forget the human part of it. We focus on finding not only a skill set but matching candidates, companies, and managers, based on personal values and client mission. We consider so much more than just job qualifications and work experience. To be successful in any role, candidates must surely be a good match with the job responsibilities, as well as the hiring team and the company culture.


Contingent Search

Our forte is focusing extensively within a few specific markets, placing candidates on permanent basis, with contingency based searches.


HOWEVER!  We take our Contingent Searches to a whole new level and we treat them as retained searches. 


What this means to you, is that you have our full commitment and attention, as if we would be working on a retained search basis, without all of the risk to you.  


Contingent Search Involves no initial upfront fee for the client, with the recruiter being compensated upon the successful completion of a search, with a fee based on the salary of the talent.  This model is most effective for mid to lower management level roles, although not disqualified for higher level management roles as well, especially for companies looking to fill multiple positions.  


How we differentiate from other Contingent Search firms is that we will not drop your search until we fill it.  Most other firms would work on it for a couple of weeks and if they are not getting results, they will drop the search.  We on the other hand would work on it, until we fill the position. 


You get our expertise, you get our commitment. 

Retained Search

Retained executive search services are essential for highly discreet, time-sensitive, or tough-to-fill searches.


These services contrast with contingent recruiting, suited for situations not demanding such specific criteria.


Key reasons to choose a retained search firm include:

  1. Exclusive Expertise: Access to top executive search consultants and deep national executive relationships.

  2. Dedicated Service: Personalized, around-the-clock customer service supported by an in-house research team.

  3. Extensive Network: Benefits from a vast network cultivated over a decade, surpassing many competitors.

  4. A list of candidates targeted with clear and consistent updates.

  5. Exclusivity to candidates - candidates are not marketed to other positions we currently have, or to other organizations we have professional relationships with. 

Retained Services Usage: Retained services are ideal when:

  • Urgent hires are needed.

  • Internal hires are not an option due to board or family decisions.

  • Tough to fill positions due to geographic area or line of expertise. 

  • Confidential replacements of existing executives are necessary.

  • Succession planning is crucial to maintain investor confidence.

  • A top 5% hire is needed without compromise.



Aim Recruiting reserves it's Retained Search expertise for the Healthcare Sector, the longest sector we have been serving.  

Working with a Retainer:

Engaging Aim Recruiting means prioritizing your needs with a responsive, dedicated team. Our approach ensures no compromises, offering a comprehensive recruiting solution, especially when it comes to Retained Recruitment Searches. 

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