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Paying homage to Steve Jobs and thinking outside the box

Aim Recruiting 
Recruiting Agency with a TWIST  

Revolutionizing Recruiting

Contributing to Employee Health and Wellbeing

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Aim Recruiting is a Recruitment Firm dedicated to the Full-Time Direct Placements of professionals within the following industries:  

  • HEALTHCARE:  Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Homecare, Hospice, ER, Radiology, Urgent Care, Audiology, Surgery, OR, Mental Health, and ALL POSITIONS in Healthcare

  • HEALTHCARE TECH:  Data Scientists, Data Engineers, all Healthcare Tech positions

  • BIOMEDICAL and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: Engineers, Technicians, Field Service Techs, BMET, Ultrasound Techs

  • TECHNICIANS:  Technicians and Field Service Techs in all industries

  • ENGINEERS: Engineers and Field Service Engineers in all industries

  • SALES and MARKETING:  Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Sales and Marketing, Account Executives

  • GREEN and RENEWABLE ENERGY:  Solar, Wind, Hydropower, other Engineering and Technician positions

  • ROBOTICS: Developers, Engineers, Technicians


Aim Recruiting is an Executive Search Firm focused on the nationwide recruitment of mid to high level staff and executives within a wide array of industries. ​

Aim Recruiting was founded in 2016 by Victoria Brahma, a 15 years Recruitment Veteran, with the sole idea of connecting quality candidates with top organizations, on a nationwide scale, with a specific focus on long term permanent placements.

Our highly specialized team of recruiters has the knowledge, technology, and passion to serve you, no matter what industry you are in.  

Our expertise lies in filling tough-to-fill positions, regardless of the industry.  




As a company, we recognize the gap in the staffing world, and we are passionate 
to be the gateway for clear and honest recruiting practice, through impeccable communication.
We are here to provide you with the best quality of work we can offer.
We pride ourselves with the longevity of the placements we make and
we believe in standing behind our work 100%.
We are committed and eager to be of value to the industries we support 
and our desire is to partner with our clients in such manner that we guide,
and consult on subjects such as Emotional Intelligence, Employee Retention,
Employee Happiness and Stress Management in the workplace.

We are honored to be your partner and are looking forward to being a value-based resource for you!

Why Us

Because we are a Recruitment Firm with a TWIST! What if you could work with a recruitment firm that gives back to the HEALTH and WELLBEING of YOUR EMPLOYEES?  - to learn more go to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX tab.

What if you could increase YOUR marketability, as an organization, so that you CAN get the quiet seekers of new opportunities? The employed candidates who are probably too tired and too busy to even put themselves out in the market.


With our help, you can get the strong players in front of you, because there is a much deeper psychology and science of the mind, to the game of recruiting, which 99% of the recruiters do not even use.  We know this, and that is one of the ways we are unlike other recruitment firms.

Our ability to uncover candidate’s current pain points, outside of their money goals, and intelligently pull them out of where they currently are, and onto your interviewing chair, we are different than most recruiters who only reach out to a bunch of people, share the job description, focus on getting a Yes or a No answer and move on. We are different because we focus on understanding deeper the candidate’s pain points, wants, and needs, from an emotional perspective. At the end of the day, we are not just candidates, we are humans. And as humans have emotions, and emotional needs. Understanding that part of a candidate’s journey is what makes us different.

Creative Office

We are here and we have your back, when the market is candidate driven and shorthanded, as well as when it is your top priority to access the most qualified talent for tough-to-fill positions within HEALTHCARE, SALES and MARKETING, LEGAL, HIGH TECH and ENGINEERING - RENEWABLE ENERGY, GREEN ENERGY, ROBOTICS, HEALTHCARE, BIOMEDICAL and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. 


Our Recruiters are trained and equipped to conduct in-depth sourcing, through advanced internet techniques, and innovative technologies, advanced Boolean searches, industry referrals and contacts. We thoroughly screen all prospective candidates before submitting them to you. This is a people business, and we never forget the human aspect of it. We focus on finding not only a skill set but matching candidates, companies, and managers, based on personal values and client mission.  We are here to understand the deeper parts of an organization and company culture and match clients with candidates, on that level as well.

We are an expert recruitment firm in the following industries:  Healthcare (Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, Homecare, Hospice), Sales and Marketing, Legal, Renewable and Green Energy, Robotics, and Biomedical and Medical Equipment.



I have professionally known Victoria Brahma, CEO of Aim Recruiting, for about 5 years. During this time I have worked with her to find several important Executives for our organization. With her assistance we have been able to hire suitable candidates on several of those engagements. During the time I have worked with Victoria she has been able to provide quality candidates in timely manner and has added significant value to our recruitment process. I have particularly appreciated how responsive she is during the engagement and how much she advocates for our organization in her conversations with prospective candidates. She is direct and a very proactive communicator, which makes the process significantly more efficient. I would recommend using Aim Healthcare Recruiting for any higher level executive recruitment needs, especially within the long term care market.

Jim Bonnell, Chief Operating Officer, Manorhouse Management, Inc., Richmond, VA

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